About Us

Faraz Jam  Co. a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of glass tempering  under the guidance of its aspirations of " integrity, quality and innovation   " which has been adhered to since its founding , is committed to the development of glass tempering technologies to provide all kinds of world advanced Tempered Glass with or without silk screen printing for customers to help them upgrade their products and make continuous progress in technological innovation.

 So far, Faraz Jam has established the entire series of technical solutions for the flat  tempered glass products to meet the demands in architectures, furniture, household appliances, automobiles and solar energy industries. There are lots of of equipments and over one hundred kinds of specifications and types.

Today, Faraz Jam  marketing networks are providing all the glass products which customers used to import from other countries.  And now, please turn the page and set foot on the journey of exploring the limits of tempering quality with Faraz Jam, to realize the dream of interpreting the ultimate splendor of glass!